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Builders Range
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Foil Safe PVC Solvent Cleaner - 1L (Pack of 12) 3 Days
For use on foil covered PVC, where standard PVCu cleaners would react by lifting foils and damaging surfaces.
£51.41 Ex Tax: £42.84
Frostproofer & Rapid Hardener For Cements - 5L (Pack of 4) 3 Days
Improves setting time of cements in cold / frost conditions. Improves Workability
£28.22 Ex Tax: £23.52
Glass Cleaner - 1L (Pack of 12) 3 Days
No smear formula, non smear finish.
£49.00 Ex Tax: £40.83
Integral Waterproofer For Cements - 5L (Pack of 4) 3 Days
Give waterproof resistance to cement when set. Ideal for external rendering applications.
£24.34 Ex Tax: £20.28
Levelmaster Self Levelling Compound - 10Kg 3 Days
Sets hard in 2/3 hours. Can be trowelled to feather edge. Low odour. Covering can be laid 6/8 hours after application.
£10.40 Ex Tax: £8.67
Multi-Wipes For Hands, Tools & Surfaces 80 Sheets (Pack of 8) 3 Days
Removes most building related dirt, including paint, grease, silicone, etc. Contains Aloe Vera skin care formula.
£58.61 Ex Tax: £48.84
PVCu Fast Acting Solvent Cleaner - 1L (Pack of 12) 3 Days
Low residue, general purpose solvent cleaner for use on general plastics.
£69.76 Ex Tax: £58.13
PVCu Solvent Free Cream Cleaner - 1L (Pack of 12) 3 Days
Non corrosive cleaner for use on PVC windows, baths, etc.
£50.60 Ex Tax: £42.17
Ready Mixed Fire Cement For High Temperature Situations - 2Kg (Pack of 6) 3 Days
Putty based cement for use in high temperature applications, ie fire grates, flues, etc.
£33.05 Ex Tax: £27.54
  • A single component joint filling system for the simple and rapid pointing of paved areas with joints over 5mm.
  • Ready-to-use, simple brush application.
  • A unique blend of polymers and aggregates that bind together chemically.
  • On exposure to the atmosphere Joint-Fill forms a stable, solid, mass that is unaffected by the weather once cured.
  • Remains permeable and allows rain water to pass into water course reducing puddling.
  • Eliminates the need for sand/cement pointing.
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