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Nuts - Galvanised

Nuts - Galvanised
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  • Channel nuts.
  • Hot dip galvanised.
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  • These hexagon nuts are galvanised for increased corrosion resistance.
  • The hexagonal shape is designed to be driven by a wrench (spanner) and provides excellent torque when done so.
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  • A nyloc hexagon nut is a fastener that incorporates a nylon component to effectively lock the nut into position on the bolt.
  • The nylon component has a smaller inside diameter than the actual nut.
  • This locks the nut in place by squeezing the nylon firmly around the bolt when tightened.
  • Unlike a standard locking washer, the nyloc nut prevents the nut from loosening under vibration as the nylon is tightly wedged into the bolt threads and provides resistance to turning when tightened.
  • Galvanised for extra corrosion resistance.
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  • These shear nuts are galvanised.
  • They provide a high security, permanent fastening, as the hexagonal part of the nut shears off at a pre-determined torque, leaving a totally tamper-proof cone.
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