Drill Bits - Wood

Drill Bits - Wood
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The Bosch Self Cut Speed Flat Bits have a shaped spade for fast chip removal and a new cutting geome..
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Bosch Self Cut Speed Spade Bits Set, 6 Piece 3 Days
Bosch Self Cut Speed Spade Bits are ideal for extremely fast hole drilling. They have a self-feeding..
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The Bosch Wood Flat Bits have a special spur design for very fast cutting. Supplied in a handy stora..
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  • The Forgemaster Flat Bits have a specially designed anti-slip hexagon shank and a forged tri-point cutting head.
  • They are made from high quality steel and precision ground to fine tolerances to offer the trade professionals fast, clean cutting.
  • The twin cutting spurs at the outer edge score the hole diameter and prevent chipping or the lifting of wood fibres, thus providing a smooth clean hole.
  • The pilot point not only offers precision, it is ground to a specific angle to provide fast efficient cutting in tandem with the side cutting spurs.
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  • The Forgemaster Wood Auger Drill Bits have specially designed, ground and sharpened cutting edges.
  • The raised leading cutting edge scores the diameter of the hole to prevent unwanted chipping of the material.
  • Heat treated for strength and durability.
  • The screwed point eliminates the potential for the bit to wander, and pulls the bit through the material during drilling.
  • This provides faster, cleaner and more accurate holes.
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    The Forgemaster Flat Bit Extension is a specially designed extension bar offering long reach capacit..
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    The Makita P-46084 Flat Bit Set is ideal for most types of wood, hard or soft. With a grooved head f..
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