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  • The Batavia 4Grill Barrel Barbecue is supplied with all of the essential accessories and offers 4 functions: grill, smoke, slow cook or open fire.
  • There is even a convenient temperature gauge on the cover that guarantees you can maintain a stable temperature inside the barrel.
  • It has a compact design, making it easy to store and transport.
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    The Batavia 4Grill Barbecue Carry Bag makes it easy to transport your 4Grill and accessories, and ke..
    £34.66 Ex Tax: £28.88
    The Batavia Gutter Protector fits any kind of gutter and keeps it free from leaves, dirt and twigs. ..
    £23.11 Ex Tax: £19.26
    The Batavia Cordless Maxxsharp Multi-Sharpener sharpens every knife and cutting tool without burning..
    £56.06 Ex Tax: £46.72
    The Batavia Multi-Tool Opener can open every package without any problems. No more hassle, broken na..
    £10.74 Ex Tax: £8.95
    The Bosch EasyAquatak 120 High-Pressure Washer is suitable for small to medium-sized cleaning tasks...
    £107.81 Ex Tax: £89.84
    The Brennenstuhl LuxPremium LED Headlight has an ultra lightweight design for increased comfort and ..
    £12.17 Ex Tax: £10.14
    The Brennenstuhl Lux Premium Focus Cree LED Torch provides high luminosity in a compact design with ..
    £16.50 Ex Tax: £13.75
    The Brennenstuhl SMD LED Compact Work Light and Torch has a practical, compact design for a variety ..
    £10.72 Ex Tax: £8.93
    The Brennenstuhl SMD LED Universal Work Light and Torch has a practical, compact design for a variet..
    £12.74 Ex Tax: £10.62
    The Makita HW101 Compact Power Washer is ideal for domestic use on driveways or patios. The lance fe..
    £129.36 Ex Tax: £107.80
    Makita HW111 Compact Pressure Washer 110 Bar 240V 3 Days
    The Makita HW111 Pressure Washer is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for cleaning of motorcy..
    £333.59 Ex Tax: £277.99
    The Makita HW112 Compact Pressure Washer has a compact, lightweight design that is ideal for cleanin..
    £461.53 Ex Tax: £384.61
    The Makita HW121 Power Washer has a built-in hose reel with locking mechanism and a transparent, out..
    £496.94 Ex Tax: £414.12
    The Makita HW132 Power Washer is manufactured for frequent usage on larger, dirty or very dirty area..
    £598.62 Ex Tax: £498.85
    The Makita HW140 Compact Pressure Washer is a professional unit with INOX pistons specially designed..
    £1,099.93 Ex Tax: £916.61