Discs - Diamond

Discs - Diamond
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Bosch Bosch Universal Diamond Disc 115mmSpecifications:Diameter: 115mmCutting width: 1.6mmSegment he..
£11.38 Ex Tax: £9.48
Bosch Universal Diamond Disc 230mmSpecifications:Diameter: 230mmCutting width: 2.3mmSegment height: ..
£24.73 Ex Tax: £20.61
Bosch Universal Diamond Disc 300mm 3 Days
Bosch Universal Diamond Disc 300mmSpecifications:Diameter: 300mmCutting width: 3.1mmSegment height: ..
£38.87 Ex Tax: £32.39
  • The HTC Evolution RAGE Diamond Blade can be used with your Evolution saw to make the complete cutting package.
  • Available in two styles to enable most Natural Stone, Concrete, Paving Slabs and Ceramics to be cut with ease.
  • Segmented Rim Blades (ø 185mm and ø 355mm) with hot pressed turbo segmented rim for consistent cutting ability.
  • Continuous Rim Blades (ø 210mm and ø 255mm) provide the smoothest cut in ceramic tiles and ornamental stone.
  • £0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00
    HTC Evolution RAGE 230mm Diamond Blade 3 Days
    The HTC Rage 230mm Diamond Blade is made from high quality materials and is able to cut Natural Ston..
    £42.90 Ex Tax: £35.75
    The HTC RAGE Diamond Cutting Blade utilises patented professional RAGE technology. It easily cuts br..
    £78.74 Ex Tax: £65.62
  • The Makita Segmented Diamond Blades are an economical range of diamond blades for concrete cutting.
  • Offer 4 times more life than a Diamak blade.
  • Suitable for dry concrete cutting.
  • Supplied as a Pack of 10.
  • £0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00
    The Makita B-12946 Neutron Rapide Premium Diamond Blade has been designed to provide professional pe..
    £42.12 Ex Tax: £35.10
    Makita P-80020 Diamak Diamond Blade Set 230mm & 115mm 3 Days
    The Makita P-80020 Diamak Diamond Blade Set is ideal for use with any 230/115mm angle grinder.Contai..
    £39.78 Ex Tax: £33.15