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Router Bits & Accessories
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  • The Freud Bearing Flush Trim Bits provide a smooth, burn-free cut.
  • They feature two flutes for faster cutting and three flutes yield a superior finish (FRER01952 ONLY).
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  • The Freud Chamfer Bits create a uniform chamfer on the edge of any work piece to add character, while retaining crisp geometric lines.
  • Ideal for multiple-sided projects, joinery and easing edges.
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  • The Freud Double Flute Straight Bits have micrograin carbide tips.
  • They cut smoother than other bits because of the precise shear and hook angles, end of bit relief allows for fast plunging.
  • Ideal for clean cuts in any wood or composite and general stock removal with a smooth finish.
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  • The Freud Radius Rounding Over Bits can be used to soften furniture edges.
  • Shear angle provides the smoothest cut available.
  • For beading work, equip the bits with a Freud 62-102 bearing and 62-311 step washer.
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  • The Freud Single Flute Straight Bits have been designed for high production work with maximum chip clearance for fast feed rates.
  • They are ideal for fast cuts in any wood or composites and general stock removal at fast feed rates.
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