Screwdriver Insert Bits & Adaptors

Screwdriver Insert Bits & Adaptors
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  • The Bosch Extra Hard Pozi Screwdriver Bits are ideal for a wide variety of screwdriving tasks.
  • They are made from S2 modified steel with an optimised heat treatment that results in an extra hard finish.
  • The tapered torsion zone copes easily with torque peaks as it absorbs force and vibrations when screwdriving.
  • It has a 1/4in external hex shank for universal screwdriving with screwdrivers and drill drivers.
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These Bosch Extra Hard Bits have a round shaft to reduce breakage. They provide excellent torque tra..
£15.55 Ex Tax: £12.96
This Bosch ;Screwdriver Bit Set contains a selection of the most popular bit sizes in a handy pla..
£33.40 Ex Tax: £27.83
The Bosch SDS Plus Magnetic Universal Holder is ideal for all fixing jobs requiring power tools. It ..
£71.69 Ex Tax: £59.74
  • The Makita Impact Gold 50mm PZ2 Bits feature a unique design which focuses the forces exerted on a regular screw bit away from the tip, meaning less chance of breakage.
  • Impact Gold Torsion bits can last up to 10x longer than a regular screw bit, whilst an Impact Gold Insert bit can last up to 15x longer than a regular bit when coupled with a holder.
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    The Makita P-49971 PZ2 25mm Bits are produced to Makita’s high quality standard using special S2 all..
    £21.42 Ex Tax: £17.85
    Makita 50mm PZ2 Impact Bits in Candy Tub, 50 Piece 3 Days
    The Makita 50mm PZ2 Impact Bits In Candy Tub, this is the most cost effective way to buy these excel..
    £21.42 Ex Tax: £17.85
    The Makita Impact Gold Torsion Bits feature a unique design which focuses the forces exerted on a re..
    £11.99 Ex Tax: £9.99
    The Makita B-28597 Torsion Bit Set contains a selection of Impact Gold Bits made from high strength ..
    £28.36 Ex Tax: £23.63
    The Makita B-28606-10 Screw Bit Set 37 Piece contains the following:5 x 25mm Pozidriv Bits: PZ0, PZ1..
    £25.20 Ex Tax: £21.00
    The Makita B-28911 Screwdriver Bit Set is a compact disc shaped screwdriver bit set containing of a ..
    £103.49 Ex Tax: £86.24
    The Makita MAKB30754 11 piece Impact Gold Ultra Mag Bit Set. The new golden standard, impact gold to..
    £31.50 Ex Tax: £26.25
    The Makita B-42503 Mag Boost and Mixed Bit Set inculdes a bullet sized attachment to magnetise a scr..
    £18.90 Ex Tax: £15.75
    The Makita B-43000 18 Piece Assorted Bit Set and HandleEach handle comes complete with:9 x 50mm: PH2..
    £18.23 Ex Tax: £15.19
    The Makita B-51867 Flexible Tough Bit Holder is ideal for driving into hard to reach areas. Can be u..
    £36.54 Ex Tax: £30.45
    The Makita D-30651 Screwdriver Bit Set is supplied in a plastic carry case with spring locking syste..
    £15.42 Ex Tax: £12.85
    The Makita P-79158 39 Piece Screwdriver Bit and Ratchet Set has colour coded screwdriver bits for ea..
    £40.96 Ex Tax: £34.13