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The Evolution DWP1000 Evo-System Dirty Water Pump has been designed to use with the Evo-System EVO20..
£147.00 Ex Tax: £122.50
The Evolution EVO200 Evo-System Engine has a professional, robust and reliable design, with a recoil..
£272.27 Ex Tax: £226.89
The Evolution GEN2800 Evo-System Generator has been designed to use with the Evo-System EVO200 Engin..
£147.00 Ex Tax: £122.50
The Evolution PW3200 Evo-System Pressure Washer has been designed to use with the Evo-System EVO200 ..
£147.00 Ex Tax: £122.50
  • The Loncin 3500io Open Frame Inverter adopts the latest innovative technology; ESC engine intelligent revolution control system, PMA intermediate-frequency permanent magnet generator and newly designed air duct with full closed and integral structure.
  • Equipped with a LC-POWER low-carbon power engine that complies with emmisions standards.
  • The operation panel can display generator status and some simple marks to indicate generator output, overload or shortage of oil.
  • Status can be confirmed by indicator lights.
  • It has a small, light weight design that is highly portable.
£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00
The Loncin Inverter Generator has been designed for industrial use, ideal for low noise applications..
£761.62 Ex Tax: £634.68
The Loncin LC8000D-AS Open Frame Generator has an electric starter and if fitted with AVR (Automa..
£940.80 Ex Tax: £784.00