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Heat Guns & Blowers
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Batavia Maxx Heat Weed Killer/Heat Gun 2000 Watt 240 Volt 3 Days
The Batavia Maxx Heat Weed Killer is also a hot air gun, it can also function as a safe barbecue lig..
£67.20 Ex Tax: £56.00
The Batavia MAXXFIRE BBQ Lighter provides a fast, safe and easy way to light your BBQ. Heat your bar..
£57.19 Ex Tax: £47.66
  • The Bosch GHG 660 LCD Pistol Grip Heat Gun is easy to use and has 4 main applications that can be stored permanently, so that airflow and temperature are at the correct setting instantly.
  • The airflow and temperature control are graduated in steps of ten for precise working; data is shown on an LCD display.
  • Heating automatically switches off and cools when overheating for a longer tool life. It has a cold setting so the heating element cools down within approx. 1 minute.
  • £0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00
    The HTC Evolution HDG2002 Digital Heat Gun has a powerful motor and variable airflow speed making it..
    £55.13 Ex Tax: £45.94
  • The Makita HG5012K Heat Gun is a basic mdoel with a convenient 2 step switch controlling temperature and air flow.
  • It strips paint and varnish, thaws frozen metal pipes and loosens tile and putty.
  • Supplied with: 1 x Reflector Nozzle, 1 x Glass Protection Nozzle, 1 x Wide Slot Nozzle and 1 x Carrying Case.
  • £0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00
    Makita DUB182Z LXT Blower 18V Bare Unit 3 Days
    The Makita DUB182 LXT Blower is fitted with an ergonomically designed handle with rubberised soft..
    £105.92 Ex Tax: £88.27
    The Makita DUB362 Brushless Blower has been developed as the most powerful cordless blower with a..
    £428.57 Ex Tax: £357.14
    The Makita HG651CK Heat Gun features electronic temperature control that is independant of airflo..
    £214.45 Ex Tax: £178.71