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10Pce Bearing Race & Seal Driver Kit 40 - 81mm Week Commencing
22nd July
Aluminium bearing race and seal drivers. For straight installation of bearing race without damaging ..
£30.38 Ex Tax: £25.32
10Pce Valve Spring Compressor Tool Set 16 - 30mm Week Commencing
22nd July
Strong carbon steel construction with black-phosphate finish. For installing and removing engine val..
£23.46 Ex Tax: £19.55
11Pce Trim Removal Set Week Commencing
22nd July
Strong POM construction for removal of upholstery, clips, trims, mouldings and wheel hubs. Sturdy de..
£14.93 Ex Tax: £12.44
11Pce Universal Pulley Holder & Fan Clutch Set 6 - 16mm Week Commencing
22nd July
Durable, heat-treated steel with chrome finish. Removes and installs fan clutches, and rotates or re..
£25.15 Ex Tax: £20.96
120Pce Car Fuses Pack ATO Week Commencing
22nd July
Assortment of sizes between 5 to 30 Amp ATO pattern blade fuses, suit most cars and light commercial..
£13.34 Ex Tax: £11.12
120Pce Micro Fuse Set ATT Week Commencing
22nd July
ATT pattern micro blade fuses. Zinc alloy. Blade fuses are generally used up to 24V and serve as a p..
£22.49 Ex Tax: £18.74
120Pce Mini Fuse Set ATN Week Commencing
22nd July
ATN pattern mini blade fuses. Zinc alloy. Blade fuses are generally used up to 24V and serve as a pr..
£11.11 Ex Tax: £9.26
12Pce Hose Clips Pack Week Commencing
22nd July
Includes sizes 6-12mm, 12-19mm, 10-23mm, 14-27mm, 16-32mm, and 25-40mm. ..
£2.29 Ex Tax: £1.91
12Pce Universal Drain Plug Key Set 3/8in / 8 - 17mm Week Commencing
22nd July
Hardened and tempered chrome vanadium steel. Auto repair tools for removal or replacement of oil dra..
£20.16 Ex Tax: £16.80
  • Converts 12V power supplies to a 230V AC mains supply.
  • Perfect for use in most cars, vans, caravans and boats to run day-to-day appliances, up to the listed wattage.
  • Overload and short circuit protection. 204757 supplied with cigarette lighter plug, while 263764, 168754 and 444658 are supplied with battery terminal connectors.
  • Continuous rated.
£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00
12V Lithium Power Bank & Jump Starter 6000mAh Week Commencing
22nd July
Portable compact and powerful power bank and jump starter that delivers a peak 400A boost to vehicle..
£58.80 Ex Tax: £49.00
12V Trickle Charger 500mA Week Commencing
22nd July
Compact 500mA constant output plug-in charger. Suitable for trickle charging 12V lead acid batteries..
£7.20 Ex Tax: £6.00
13Pce Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit Week Commencing
22nd July
Removes balancers, pulleys and gears with tapped holes. A floating swivel prevents damage to the sha..
£12.72 Ex Tax: £10.60
14Pce Gear Puller & Bearing Separator Kit Week Commencing
22nd July
High quality, drop-forged steel with corrosion-resistant blackened finish. Removes gears, pulleys, s..
£42.96 Ex Tax: £35.80
14Pce Tyre Valve Repair Kit 10 - 50psi Week Commencing
22nd July
Includes valve repair and maintenance tools in compact plastic storage box. Solves most tyre valve p..
£5.11 Ex Tax: £4.26
15Pce Oil Filter Wrench Set 65 - 93mm Week Commencing
22nd July
Chrome vanadium steel cup-type sockets with anti-rust, electro-black oxide finish. For removing and ..
£29.63 Ex Tax: £24.69
16Pce Vacuum Tester & Brake Bleeding Kit Week Commencing
22nd July
Brass-bodied vacuum pump with easy-to-read vacuum gauge. Multi-function diagnostic tool tests variou..
£30.22 Ex Tax: £25.18
17Pce Diesel Engine Compression Testing Kit Week Commencing
22nd July
High carbon steel and brass set with flexible rubber hose for identifying worn valves and piston rin..
£99.71 Ex Tax: £83.09
18Pce Composite Seal Driver Set Week Commencing
22nd July
Tough alloy handle with knurled grip. Installs seals without causing damage. Steel thrust washer sto..
£16.39 Ex Tax: £13.66
18Pce Radiator Pressure Test Kit Week Commencing
22nd July
Hand pump with gauge for easily controlled pressurisation via quick coupling. For pressure testing i..
£105.29 Ex Tax: £87.74
2-Stroke Fuel Mixing Bottle 1 Litre Week Commencing
22nd July
Polyethylene mixing bottle for the preparation of accurate fuel/oil mixtures. Easy-pour spout and se..
£6.49 Ex Tax: £5.41
20Pce Radio Removal Kit Week Commencing
22nd July
Stainless steel keys. Removes a wide range of car radios. Suitable for removing radios from brands s..
£10.96 Ex Tax: £9.13
22Pce Wheel Bearing Removal Kit Week Commencing
22nd July
Heavy duty steel drifts with phosphate coating to prevent corrosion. Fast, effective removal and ins..
£88.27 Ex Tax: £73.56
250mm Oil Filter Pliers Week Commencing
22nd July
Drop-forged alloy steel with PVC double-dipped handles for comfortable grip. Phosphate coated for co..
£5.16 Ex Tax: £4.30