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Tool Holders, Pouches & Belts
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The Makita P-71722 Drill Holster and Pouch lets you have all the great features of our drill holster..
£61.15 Ex Tax: £50.96
The Makita P-71738 Electricians Pouch is ready to carry a full range of specialised electrical tools..
£43.88 Ex Tax: £36.57
The Makita P-71744 General Purpose Pouch has a divided 2 section main compartment, one smaller and o..
£61.15 Ex Tax: £50.96
The Makita P-71750 2 Pocket Pouch has perfectly positioned wide pockets to provide quick tool recogn..
£43.15 Ex Tax: £35.96
The Makita P-71766 3 Pocket Fixings Pouch has a riveted construction with a hard wearing, leather li..
£58.97 Ex Tax: £49.14
The Makita P-71794 Drill Holster is designed for cordless and corded tools and can be worn left or r..
£33.94 Ex Tax: £28.28
The Makita P-71803 Heavyweight Belt is a hard wearing premium leather belt is an ideal start to your..
£31.02 Ex Tax: £25.85
The Makita P-71819 Heavy-Duty Work Belt is extremely comfortable and highly padded with metal rings ..
£50.23 Ex Tax: £41.86
The Makita P-71847 Mobile Phone and Pen Holder has a useful spring hook to hang the holder on trouse..
£17.54 Ex Tax: £14.62
The Makita P-71869 Hammer Holder sits comfortably on any Makita tool belt or normal clothing belt. T..
£17.54 Ex Tax: £14.62
The Makita P-71881 Electricians Mate is a versatile multi-purpose tool holder that includes 5 pocket..
£27.50 Ex Tax: £22.92
The Makita P-71897 Super Heavyweight Champion Belt Set is the ultimate tool belt system. Made from a..
£146.33 Ex Tax: £121.94
The Makita P-71912 Universal Tool Holder has a riveted design for industrial strength with galvanise..
£31.02 Ex Tax: £25.85
The Makita P-71928 Knife And Tool Holder is perfectly shaped to hold a utility knife, the metal ring..
£18.72 Ex Tax: £15.60
The Makita P-71940 Cordless Impact Driver Holster has bit loops for convenient storage, a security s..
£25.16 Ex Tax: £20.97
The Makita P-72198 Stainless Steel Insulated Mug is engraved with the Makita logo, the mug keeps dri..
£18.72 Ex Tax: £15.60
The Makita P-80896 Smart Phone Holder is a universal size of the holder fits most popular mobile pho..
£19.90 Ex Tax: £16.58